Shock Pulse Generator

With our proven online cleaning method for large boiler plants, we have been
able to successfully reduce slagging in your heat generator significantly.


Developed and produced by the Swiss company Explosion Power GmbH, the Shock Pulse Generator (SPG) is an online boiler cleaning device that generates automated shock pulses (SP) by burning gas mixtures under pre-pressure. This innovative technology has been proven in more than 500 installations in more than 20 countries since 2009. Plant operators confirm significantly longer boiler travel times and higher efficiency and thus a sustainable and economical plant operation. Leading plant suppliers regularly choose to incorporate SPG technology into new plants, benefiting from the modular system configuration and compact design.

Areas of application for the Shock Pulse Generator technology are:

  • Waste incineration plants and biomass power plants
  • Hazardous waste incineration plants (eg liquid waste)
  • Sewage sludge incinerators
  • Industrial boilers for various fuels
  • Waste heat boiler for coking plants, metallurgy
  • Coal plants
  • Black liquor boiler
  • Filters and spray absorbers
  • Cement works

Boiler cleaning with shock pulse generators means for you:

  • Permanent and automated boiler cleaning, resulting in lower flue gas temperatures and higher boiler efficiency, improved CO2 plant performance
  • No steam consumption, no thermal wear or abrasion on the boiler tubes and membrane walls
  • Higher plant availability due to less cleaning effort during boiler downtime

The Shock Pulse Generator technology can therefore be used in all boiler areas and replaces existing boiler cleaning technologies such as sootblowers, water canons, taps, sonic horns and spray cleanings.


The Shock Pulse generators are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland from particularly pressure- and heat-resistant materials. They are CE certified as pressure equipment Cat. II or III. The Shock Pulse Generator is available in two different series, the EG10 series and the Twin series. The different design of the two series and a table with technical data are listed in the following image series.

Function EG10 series

As with manual blast cleaning methods, the steam generator is cleaned by pressure waves caused by the sudden combustion of a mixture of a combustible gas (natural gas or methane) and pure oxygen. In contrast to the manual procedures, however, the SPGs automatically trigger the shock-like burns outside the boiler in a stable, pressure-resistant container. The generated pressure wave is directed via a valve and a Venturi nozzle into the boiler, where it vibrates the flue gas, the boiler tubes and the walls in such a way that it causes the slag to fall off.


The gas supply of the Shock Pulse generators can be easily realized by single bottles or small bundles of 200 bar. The pipes to the generators have a minimum nominal diameter of 10 mm and a maximum line pressure of 40 bar (eg pipes V2A, nominal internal diameter DN10, nominal pressure PN63). For natural gas, a small compressor can also be used if the mains connection is available. In addition, a single nitrogen cylinder is needed for the gas spring of the piston in the shock pulse generator. The SPG is installed on the outside of the boiler wall. The SPG is slidably suspended on a rail and held in position by means of a spring-loaded attachment or directly on the on-site flange (DN125 PN16 or DN200 PN6). The suspension reduces the resulting force which acts on the boiler wall due to the recoil of the shock pulse generator. The outlet nozzle is shortened flush with the inner wall of the boiler. The Shock Pulse Generator can be mounted horizontally on the boiler wall or vertically on the boiler ceiling.

Control & Safety

The safety aspect is given highest importance. Each Shock Pulse Generator has its own PLC control with touch screen operation, which monitors all important process variables and immediately switches off the device in the event of deviations from normal operation. Different variants are possible for the data exchange with the PLC and also the manufacturer or maintenance company.

Key Features

  • The shock pulse generator is safe and harmless
  • CE certification according to Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • High pressure resistant construction
  • Installation of the gas supply according to local regulations
  • The mixture of the ignitable mixture takes place only in the pressure-resistant shock pulse generator
  • PLC control monitors important process data and shuts off the shock pulse generator if any deviation from the setpoints exists
  • Automated, no operation resp. Intervention by staff necessary
  • Before each Shock Pulse, alarm is signaled by a horn and flashing light
  • Volume of the pulse outside boiler approx. 120dBA, for a short time
  • No leakage of boiler tubes due to pressure wave